Circle Tracking – The Foundation

cost $70 Video length  0:35:00 plus 3 full tracks included at the end of the video which makes the complete video length 0:55:00
Ivan’s approach to tracking is very simple and this is what makes it so brilliant! Even without any previous tracking experience this video will guide you to put the same world level foundation on your dog as Ivan does on his.  It is a system that has been tested at many World Championships, Ivan has had several times a perfect 100 points at world championships.
In Ivan’s system, there are no puppy scent pads, short tracks or electric collar stim.
Ivan has a completely different and as always clear way to communicate and teach tracking without creating conflict. In the lesson, there are few key points, every dog has to learn in order to become excellent tracker. To be independent and never rely on the handler for help To stay focused for a long time and never feel pressured for time or any other way while solving the tracking puzzle To have enough time during each tracking lesson to learn about how scent works and what to pay attention to The goal is to teach the dog to track independently, to adjust quickly to different terrain and steps without reward. Ivan’s circle tracking has become the method of choice top trainers use around the globe! If you are a beginner this is highly recommended video for you, if your dog has problems in tracking, regardless of the age – this is the video Ivan always recommends. Enjoy

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