Competition Heeling Part One

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There are a few ways to teach Competition Heeling. Most of which strive to create robots, identical dogs walking with the same meaningless head position, pretending that they have focused on their handler, manipulated by food luring techniques, or toy, placed strategically in places for the dog to stare at, keeping their heads in the most unnatural position so their front legs look like they are prancing with joy, while everybody knows that ALL IS FAKE!

Two people can be in the same yoga position, one is suffering and has no idea why is he in such position, while the other accomplishes to calm their mind for pretty much any duration of time.

Ivan’s main focus during Heeling is to ALLOW the dog to express his emotions and feelings through the movement(Heeling). Heeling must be free, with natural animation, as the dog is allowed to demonstrate their own beautiful gate! Heeling is the window of the soul, while the dog is walking.
Two dogs may walk with the same head position with similar leg movement but even for the beginner’s eye, it is quite easy to recognize and feel that the one dog is simply forced to look how the other one actually feels!

No food deprivation, no “slavery” performing behaviors to satisfy their primal needs ( eat). No Magnetic ball or any other gadgets placed strategically to force the dog to look “real”. You will also have to leave that Stick you may be walking around with too. No, it is not difficult to manipulate dogs body pasture, what is impossible is – to make him fake its emotions and feelings.

In this video (part one) Ivan only shows and teaches you, how to think differently about the exercise, approach it with a very different point of view so you will be able to move on forward to the part two of the Competitive heeling video.

Ivan’s approach to competitive heeling is DIFFERENT! First, you need to know and understand what exactly is that you want and expect from dog and yourself? After watching this lesson the word “Exactly” will have a different meaning when thinking about heeling!
Heeling is NOT only about the dog, anyone who thinks this way is making already a HUGE MISTAKE! It takes Two to tango, it takes Two to heel! And learning how to free Heel should NOT be a lifelong struggle of correcting what you thought your dog to do in first place.
Instead of starting mediocre, trying to shape eventually Competition level Heeling, Ivan’s begins with the Absolute Perfect Picture and teaches the dog and handler how to maintain it.
Once this is accomplished you will be ready to watch and apply the upcoming Competitive heeling video part two, which will be released February, 2019

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