Introduction to leash walking for puppies

cost $50.00   Video length  1:12:00
If you just got your new puppy  – Congratulations!
Now you may wonder where to start and what videos to watch first. This video lesson is about the introduction to walking on leash, this video does not cover anything about sport training, but the opposite, it is about learning how to go on walks, how make the leash walk an enjoyable experience for the puppy and how to prevent future behavior problems, how to meet and greet people, how to act around other animals, etc.

I always recommend the exact same techniques and approach  when introducing the world to a puppy,  and the puppy to the world. This is also what I teach every person that gets an Ot Vitosha puppy from me,  but my approach is by no means strictly for working or sport dogs, this would be my preferred way with any puppy of any breed!

Here is what you will see, I will take 3 Belgian Malinois puppies ages from 8 weeks to 13 weeks old on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd walk, and as I walk I will be talking to you about what is important for me and how I develop good walking habits.


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