Reliable Tracking

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As you’re teaching your dog to track, there is point in time where the ” reason” for tracking  – the food dropped in each footstep has gradually changed to having very few rewards on the track and left the dog with some confusion as to why it should continue to track with precision. This is an important stage where the dog and the handler often create many problems with long lasting effects on the performance. This is also the stage where the so called ” force tracking” is applied and even when done by experts in the field it is very harsh, confusing and unfair approach that no dog should experience!
My approach to create  Reliable Tracking has worked for many world level competitive trainers around the globe, who were not able to accomplish reliability in tracking with their dogs. Many of them has went as far as winning national and world championships. It is a must lesson for anyone who wants to continue to enjoy tracking and wishes to take tracking to the next level.
This lesson teaches you how to properly use combination of negative reinforcement techniques along with positive reinforcement and punishment,  to accomplish reliable tracking and how to deal with distractions or lack of precision on the track without compromising the welfare and/ relationship you have build with your dog.

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